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Technology Integration


Using BLEND, I want my students to:


Collaboration incorporates skills such as:

  • Working as a team

  • Respecting diverse ideas

  • Being flexible

  • Compromise

  • Honoring one's responsibility to the group


Communication includes skills such as:

  • Articulating ideas and thoughts clearly

  • Sharing knowledge through verbal, nonverbal, and written means

  • Knowing one's audience and tailoring message to audience

  • Understanding purpose of communication (inform, persuade, instruct)

  • Incorporate media to convey a message


Creativity incorporates skills such as:

  • Generating ideas through a variety of ways

  • Evaluating original ideas & elaborating and refining them

  • Taking risks & trying new things

  • Sharing new ideas

  • Being innovative

  • Making contributions to the world


Connecting includes skills such as:

  • Connecting to other disciplines and knowledge

  • Validating learning in real world contexts

  • Probing content at a deeper level

Cultivate Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Proficiency includes skills such as:

  • Incorporating and valuing multiple perspectives 

  • Reflecting on & accepting differences

  • Learning about own culture and that of others

Think Critically

​Thinking critically includes skills such as:

  • Draw conclusions

  • Make decisions

  • Use reasoning (inductive, deductive)

  • Solve problems

  • Analyze points of view

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